Are you an M&E Specialist who are leading and/or facilitating participatory M&E processes and wish to experience and understand Liberating Structures? ResultsinHealth Netherlands will be holding a 2-day Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands on the 3rd and 4th of September 2020.

Liberating Structures (LS) are a set of simple, playful yet powerful approaches for group participation. LS put people at the center of the thinking process and help groups to progress on a wide range of challenges. These simple methods change how results are generated without expensive investments, complicated training, or modifications in formal structures. The force of LS lies in in the ability to explore challenges that are complex, messy, nonlinear, and uncertain.
This 2-day workshop will be an opportunity to experience and understand how LS productively and playfully disrupt conventional patterns of group discussion, meeting and workshop organization and practices. We dig into the LS repertoire to reveal the individual structures and underlying logic or organizing pattern that makes LS generative and dynamic.

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