Limited evidence exists on linking HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in the Asia Pacific Region. During the AIDS 2014 Conference, ResultsinHealth (RiH) and Indonesian Positive Women Network (IPPI) will organise a session to discuss and share experiences on how to improve the availability of evidence on linkages between HIV and SRHR, specifically in the Asia Pacific Region.

The objective is to initiate a forum for evidence generation and documentation on this linkage, involving various stakeholders (civil society, private sector, government), through sharing (best) practices and knowledge on linking HIV and SRHR.

Dr. Mabel Bianco (Argentina)
President of Fundacion Para Estudio e Investigacion De la Mujer (Foundation for Studies and Research on Women); Board Member, Latin American and the Caribbean Women’s Health Network (LAWHN); Regional Secretary of LACCASO (Latin American and the Caribbean Council of AIDS Services). She will share her experiences in advocating women’s rights in Latin America.

Colin Dixon (The Netherlands)
Senior Advisor at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and Coordinator of Share-Net International, the Knowledge Platform on SRHR. He will share his experiences in linking SRHR and HIV in the Netherlands.

Baby Rivona (Indonesia)
National coordinator of IPPI. She will be presenting the joint IPPI-RiH-UNTF project on linking SRHR and HIV in service delivery for women living with HIV in Jakarta and Medan, Indonesia.

Linking HIV and SRHR
Linking HIV and SRHR can deliver a more robust and cost effective response, and increase the progress on achieving Millennium Development Goals 4, 5 and 6 by 2015 and beyond. It refers to joint work in these two sectors at various levels, including policy, advocacy, programming and operations. Also, it goes beyond integrating services and programmes to include explicit attention to rights and the structural issues that make people vulnerable to HIV and threaten their sexual and reproductive wellbeing (see: Stop Aids Alliance policy position paper, July 2012).

ResultsinHealth and IPPI
RiH and IPPI have been awarded a grant by the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women (VAW) for a joint project “One Stop Service: Integrated services for VAW survivors and Women Living with HIV”.
This 2 year pilot project aims to improve the lives of women and girls who are living with HIV, or experiencing VAW in two provinces in Indonesia, through the integration of services for VAW and HIV/AIDS, increased quality of care, and reduction of discrimination. It is expected that this initiative will be a stimulant for similar programmes in the Asia Pacific Region.

Currently, there is limited evidence on linking HIV and SRHR available in the Asia Pacific Region. Improving the availability of evidence on HIV and SRHR linkages is crucial, as it can contribute to a higher commitment and achievement of the UNAIDS ‘Getting to Zero’ in 2015, and to achieving zero tolerance to violence against women, particularly women living with HIV.

During the AIDS 2014 conference, RiH and IPPI are organising a session to discuss and share experiences on how to improve the availability of evidence on linking HIV and SRHR in the Asia Pacific Region. The goal of this session is to set up a platform for evidence generation and documentation on linking HIV and SRHR in the Asia Pacific Region, to be used for policy development, advocacy, programming and operations.

Date & Venue
Come and join us! Bring your ideas, knowledge and expertise on this issue, as well as your business card and join us in co-creating this great initiative. Make sure that you are part of it. Meet people who are committed to this issue and taste a traditional snack from the Netherlands.
Date:     Thursday, July 24 2014
Time:     6.00 – 7.30 PM (local time)
Venue:     The Dutch booth at the AIDS 2014 Conference

We have places available for a maximum of 25 people. Send an email for more information or reservations.
Aryanti Radyowijati
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