ResultsinHealth, Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association Yogyakarta Chapter (PKBI DIY/IPPA DIY) and the Women, Disabled People and Child Advocacy Centre (SAPDA Institute) have been granted by the Safe Abortion Action Fund for their joint project “Breaking The Silence: Improving access to safe abortion for vulnerable women who experienced rape in Yogyakarta province, Indonesia” taking place between 2014 till 2016.

In Indonesia abortion is legal only for certain circumstances: for medical reasons and rape cases. However most health providers, including those in Yogyakarta, are still hesitant to provide abortion services to women experiencing unwanted pregnancies due to rape. This situation is caused by absence of appropriate policies. Currently, women, who are raped and become pregnant, are extremely vulnerable and unprotected. In despair, they endanger their lives by resorting to unsafe abortion procedures. In this project, the consortium will explicitly include women who are disabled, as this group is highly vulnerable to sexual violence and too often overlooked.

The comprehensive set of activities of this 2 year project include training of counsellors to provide high quality abortion services through specialized counselling at the IPPA DIY clinic, effective referral systems of women from organizations and health facilities to IPPA DIY, and advocacy for the inclusion of procedures to ensure access to safe abortion services after rape in the local policies. It is time to break the silence!