ResultsinHealth and the Indonesian Positive Women Network (IPPI) have been awarded a grant by the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women (VAW) for their joint project “One Stop Service: Integrated services for VAW survivors and Women Living with HIV (WLHIV)”.

In Indonesia, VAW as an influencing factor of the AIDS epidemic is not considered as a main factor of concern but as a separate issue. As a consequence, the response and services are separated and working in silos. This represents a major gap in addressing women’s issues, including VAW.

This 2 year pilot project will improve the lives of women and girls who are living with HIV or experiencing VAW in DKI Jakarta and North Sumatera by increasing the awareness of their rights and giving them better health overall. This will happen through the integration of services for VAW and HIV/AIDS, an increased quality of care and reducing discrimination against women and girls who are living with HIV or experience VAW. This integrated model in integrating responses and services to deal with the intersection of HIV/AIDS and VAW issues is the first of its kind, not only in Indonesia but also in the Asia Pacific region.

Through this, the project is expected to contribute to the reduction of the twin epidemics (VAW and HIV/AIDS) and ultimately, limiting the occurrence of VAW cases, as well as HIV infections amongst survivors of VAW. Ultimately, the lessons learnt gained during the project implementation will be an asset to scale up the pilot project in other provinces in Indonesia.