Recently, ResultsinHealth had its website redesigned to make it well readable on all screens, since websites are increasingly viewed on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). Sites that were originally designed for large screens (laptops or desktop computers), may not be pleasant to view on mobile devices, as their screens are smaller.

To address such problems, websites are these days designed to be 'responsive', i.e. they automatically adjust to the screen on which the site is shown. The adjustment is not only in terms of the size of the site, but also its content. After all, one can simply show less content on a small screen.

It implied that we had to make a number of changes. Whereas we made sure that the 'look and feel' remained the same, smart viewers will see some subtle changes. Do take a look and see whether you spot the changes! You may also want to visit the site simultaneously on different types of devices. And again, please spot the differences between a small and a big screen!

With these adjustments, ResultsinHealth wants to follow technological developments. We are sure that visitors will continue to have a great experience when visiting our site.