All our work relates to creating better health of populations

"Most rewarding in my work is bringing together teams of talented experts to solve complex problems. With each new combination, a world of possibilities opens up."
-Aryanti Radyowijati, Technical Director, ResultsinHealth

ResultsinHealth offers a variety of technical services to clients:

  1. Technical advisory services
    We provide technical advice on issues related to Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Access to Essential Medicines, and Poverty Reduction. Assistance can range from long-term engagement to short expert involvement in specific project components.
  2. Development of innovative public health concepts
    We have a true desire to develop creative and distinctive interventions to improve pressing public health challenges. We do this by exploring whether a challenge can be redefined as a potential income-generating opportunity, or by removing obstacles in existing health systems. Some of these concepts come together in our experimental work on ‘Creating Shared Value’ for private sector parties.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation
    We offer Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) services for health and development programmes.
    We have special expertise in participatory techniques, such as the ‘Most Significant Change’ methodology, ‘Outcome Mapping’ and ‘Appreciative Inquiry’. At the same time, we also have expertise in the more quantitative and indicator-based M&E methods.
  4. Capacity building
    Our staff is proficient in preparing training and education curricula in diverse public health topics and M&E techniques, and is teaching such courses.
  5. Research
    Generating public health evidence is important to us. We regularly conduct research studies and assist partners in doing so. Our research studies have been disseminated through peer-reviewed publications.